Vädret i San Vito Chietino under året

Nedan följer en liten beskrivning av vädret under året som vår kontakt i San Vito Chietino har sammanställt

Februari – Mars

During February and March, the temperature is between 8 and 20 degrees. Variable passing through sunny days to windy ones, only some rainy days. In February we could feel the first spring atmosphere. Outside activities are all possible, skiing in the close mountains is still possible, walking, trekking, biking etc.  

April – Maj

During April and May, the temperature is between 12 and 24 degrees. In these months the spring shows all its wonderful expressions in agreable sunny warm days, flowering in mountains, countryside and on the coast. Outside activities are all possible, walking, trekking, biking, in some years also the first swim in the sea and water sports!

Juni – Juli – Augusti

During June, July and August, the temperature is between 18 to 36 degrees. In these months of course summer time arrives and from middle of June to middle of august the weather is really agreable, warm and sometimes from middle of July to middle of August could be also very hot! Some windy warm days are possible, as so as some summer storms! It could be possible in this period to go over 38 degrees in some peculiar years like 2017 over 40!! All activities in open air are possible and above all beaches life and mountains summer trekking, as so as biking all around the region.


September – Oktober

During September and October, the temperature goes down respect to Summer ones, staying anyway between 10 to 25 degrees. September is a month of passing through a season from another, so a variable month, with sunny days too, windy and may be also rainy ones. The autumn normally arrives in October with its wonderful colours and parfumes! All activities in open air are still possible and very agreeable.  


During November the temperature is usually between 10 and 18 degrees. It usually variable with passing through sunny warmer days and rains, windy sometimes (no more than two days together), and it could be in some years, from the middle part of the month on, also the first snow on the closed mountains and higher villages, situated over 1000 meters. So if you want to try a fresher period after summer warm temperature and ending part of the autumn atmosphere you can come to San Vito’s area.

December – Januari

During December and January the temperature is usually between 0 and 16 degrees. It is usually variable with passing through sunny fresh days, rainy, windy ones (no more than two days together), and it could be in some years, also snowy but occasionally on the coast, mainly on the mountains side. (Above 500 meters). So if you want to try our area linked to winter activities and period, you can come to feel the Christmas time atmosphere in San Vito’s area and region surrounding.

Våra boenden

Vi har två boenden i San Vito Chietino vid den vackra huvudgatan i gamla delen av byn (centro storico). En lägenhet och ett s.k. Town House som är under renovering. I dagsläget är det därför endast möjligt att hyra lägenheten. Klicka för att läsa mer och boka.

Lägenhet för 2-4 personer

Helt nyrenoverad och mycket fräsch lägenhet om 55 kvm i gatuplanet.

Town House för upp till 8 personer

Renovering pågår, väntas bli tillgängligt sent 2018.